Understanding Music Production

Play multiple instruments to understand how they work. 

Play a few instruments to understand how it works. You don’t have to be a master guitarist or drummer, but knowing how to play some instruments will improve your musical ear and help you understand what is needed to make an instrument sound good. Take lessons or learn how to play many instruments yourself.

Take a musical theory course so you can better understand music

Theory refers to the study of composition, rhythm, harmony and all the other components that make up music. Get a bachelor’s degree in music theory or take a class so you can understand how to make music, get in touch with sound engineers and communicate with artists in their own musical language.

Listen to music constantly to come up with new ideas

familiar with all the current trends in music and can think of new and original compositions. When you listen to different music genres and styles, you can turn your creative mind on and give you unique ideas for your own songs. Make music play every chance you get!

Spend time in professional recording studios to learn how they work

Get a job or an internship at a recording studio in your area so you can watch professional producers work. You can also visit or pay for recording time at the studio so you can see how a professional studio looks and how it works.

Learn how to use an audio mixer

An audio mixer or sound board is a device that allows you to control multiple audio channels, changing individual volume and sound effects to create a cohesive composition. You can take lessons from your music teacher or use video tutorials to learn how to use them, so you can learn how to properly balance the sound layers that make up a song.

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